It’s been so long, It’s been too long.

It’s been a year. Not a whole year, but close enough to a whole year that I stare at my blog in shame and think, I have failed you.

I’d LOVE to just breeze past this hiatus like I’ve been posting once a week (heck once a month) for the last year, but we both know I can’t do that. I can’t let this gap in time pass without trying to convince you that I tried. Or, at least, I thought about trying.

Every weekend since July (and every other weekend since last March) I’ve opened up a word document and started a blog post only to get to the end of the day and think, “I’m definitely going to finish this before I go to bed on Sunday.” And then the next Wednesday would roll around, and the words would be staring at me, less humorous than they had been days before. By Friday, they had grown, somehow, stale and a fresh document of words was needed to make it up to you, my readers.

None of those words got posted. They all remained safely hidden from prying eyes while all the while justifying my conviction that I had at least tried for that week.

I told myself nothing has happened this year, but really, so many things happened. 2014 was a year of changes for me. Not huge ones, not small ones, just ones.

The migraine diet worked, despite our initial skepticism. Husband’s headaches have diminished and de-tensified (I will post more recipes on that front, I promise). I started knitting a sweater that is still, partially, just yarn. I finished my book. I picked my book back up again in case I wasn’t really finished. I put it back down and then proceeded to ignore it and tweak it simultaneously.I failed NaNoWriMo and succeeded at a Fast Draft class. We got another dog. Roommates moved in and out of our house, and Husband and I started saving for our first big vacation together. I did a whole session of p90x without quitting, and started two other sessions that I then quit within a week (knowing that if I really tried, I could do it again). I joined a book club and failed to read 1/3 of the books so far. I was in a wedding, and at a wedding and at birthday parties and a funeral.

The sum total is that 2014 was a year.

And now 2015 is nearly 1/12 done. The feeling that nothing has changed this month is just not true. (Okay, it’s a little true, but I swear I’ll take down the Christmas decorations this week…week-end…soon.) The little things are adding up. For now, with full intentions of writing another blog post in less than eleven months, I’ll just focus on getting back to work.

Dragon editing



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  1. Hope

    I like you… and your dragon. Don’t second guess your writing, because I love it!

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