Winter Came

I can smell the cold in the air. It seeps through the windows and lingers around the doorjambs. Every morning when I let the dogs out, my feet hurt from standing on the tiles near our back door. Nashville has frozen over. Not the same way that the northward states have frozen over. I’m not opening doors to mounds of snow half my height high, but still a flood of ice has swallowed the roads. Only yesterday had the roads cleared enough to allow my car safe passage in and out of our neighborhood. Even that amount of safety was questionable. Today we got more snow and wintery mix.

Even after being vehicularly restricted for the last five days, I am still excitedly pressing my nose against the windowpanes to watch the sleety-frozen rain fall. There’s something miraculous about icicles and the way the sun bounces off the white ground to make the entire world gleam. I’m know this is my sunny Florida upbringing talking, but I can’t help but be enchanted by the few flurries of winter that Nashville receives. My enchantment would probably wane if we’d lost internet, power, or gas, but we did not.

Instead, I’ve been watching cars attempt to move through my hilly neighborhood with wheels spinning and torsos angling awkwardly against the lanes of traffic. It’s like a sad, slow, and nerve-wracking parade. Husband, brother, and I walked around the house in our rarely used snow pants and threw sleety snowballs at each other. We took turns prying inches of ice from our cars and walking down the streets like ducklings learning how to balance.

Happy Valentines Now, obviously, I wasn’t planning on writing my next post about winter. I had a few other post ideas in mind, and then the storm came and swept all of our plans away. The way that storms do.

I was gonna wish you a happy Valentine’s day and tell you about the lovely friend brunch that we had to celebrate. I always think February is the best month for celebrating people you appreciate, and truthfully, I appreciate anyone who took the time to read this. I’m here to hope you stayed warm and happy despite the weather


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