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Christina Gustin

Christina Gustin

I’m a wife, writer, and freelance editor. In 2012 I graduated from Vermont College of Fine arts with an MFA in writing, and I’m currently finishing up my first novel. I work full time at a marketing company downtown.

I love trying out new craft projects. Some of my hobbies include cooking, sewing, dancing, and reading, but I dabble in any other craft that seems interesting.

Husband and I have been friends since we were in our church youth group together, but we didn’t start dating until we’d both moved out of our hometown. We played the long distance game for a little over two years before we were finally in the same state. A year later we got married.

We live with out two cats and our Husky Malamute mix in Tennessee.

Husband, Me and Branigan

Husband, Me, and Branigan

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